Amazon Book: The Common Good and how to secure it (Greek Edition) – Το Κοινό Συμφέρον και πώς εξασφαλίζεται


koini simferon original

This is the second Greek book of Anastasios Syrianos in political philosophy.

Book description

Politics ultimately comes down to two major questions; who has the power to make decisions and what kind of decisions he makes? Today too much attention is given in who is in the position of authority to make political decisions and too little on whether decisions are good and advantageous to the citizens. This way, when a government fails to fulfill its purpose, there is a tendency to focus on how to change it and not on how to make the next government take the right decisions for its citizens. As a result, the faces of those who exercise political power may change, but the misuse and abuse of power remains. However this has not always been the case.

When the ancient Athenian people realised that they had to assume control of the political function of their State in order to determine the fate of their society, they initiated a struggle to control both who has the political power and how he uses it. In order to achieve that they developed two distinct systems that intertwined for optimum results. The first system was designed to give Athenians the control over “who” has the political power in the State; this system was democracy. The second system was designed to give them control over the “how” this power was exercised, for what purpose and for whose benefit; this system is mostly unknown to researchers and readers alike, but it can be described as a system for ensuring that politics fulfils its purpose and political power is exercised for the good of the people, or what is called the “common good”.

This political philosophy book, presents in plain and simple Greek the unknown system with which the ancient Athenians determined that political power would be exercised for the common good regardless of who made the laws and got appointed to the offices of State.

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