This is the website of author and online teacher Anastasios Syrianos.

Anastasios specialises in ancient Greek political philosophy. Through his books and courses he shares his passion and admiration for the art of politics as taught by the ancient Athenians and other Greek peoples. The sources in this website will give the visitor invaluable theoretical and practical knowledge that has been suppressed since the ancient times and can transform our world to the better.

Anastasios holds a BSc in European studies and an MA in Political Sociology. He wrote his first book in Greek in 2012 titled “The Subjection Contract; how the Constitution destroys our freedom and how to retrieve it” (Το Συμβόλαιο της Υποταγής: πώς το Σύνταγμα καταστρέφει την ελευθερία μας και πώς να την ανακτήσουμε). His first book in English was published in 2017, and he is currently working on more material to publish this year.

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